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Association of Italian manufacturers of irrigation systems
Who to contact

Operations secretary - Assoidrotech

Simona Rapastella (Operations secretary)
E-mail: simona.rapastella@federunacoma.it
Phone: +39 06.43298.222


Deputy Secretary General, Website services

Simona Rapastella
E-mail: simona.rapastella@federunacoma.it
Phone: +39 06.43298.281

Administration, Management control, Purchasing and Services

Alessandro Di Tommaso
E-mail: alex.ditommaso@federunacoma.it
Phone: +39 06.43298.261

Elisabetta Proietti
E-mail: elisabetta.proietti@federunacoma.it
Phone: +39 06.43298.260

Daniela Marelli
E-mail: daniela.marelli@federunacoma.it
Phone: +39 06.43298.264

Communications, Press Office, Training

Girolamo Rossi
E-mail: ufficio.stampa@federunacoma.it
Phone: +39 06.43298.251

National and international events

Marco Acerbi
E-mail: marco.acerbi@federunacoma.it
Phone: +39 06.43298.230


Patrizia Conti
E-mail: patrizia.conti@federunacoma.it
Phone: +39 06.43298.276

Annarita Natali
E-mail: annarita.natali@federunacoma.it
Phone: +39 051.6333957

Association Marketing and Development

Franca Zaro
E-mail: franca.zaro@federunacoma.it
Phone: +39 06.43298.240

Special projects

Fabio Ricci
E-mail: fabio.ricci@federunacoma.it
Phone: +39 06.43298.222


Federica Tugnoli
E-mail: federica.tugnoli@federunacoma.it
Phone: +39 06.43298.235


Fabio Ricci
E-mail: fabio.ricci@federunacoma.it
Phone: +39 06.43298222

Alessio Bolognesi
E-mail: alessio.bolognesi@federunacoma.it
Phone: +39 051.6333957

Luca De Rinaldis
E-mail: luca.derinaldis@federunacoma.it
Phone: +39 06.43298298

Davide Gnesini
E-mail: davide.gnesini@federunacoma.it
Phone: +39 051.6333957

Domenico Papaleo
E-mail: domenico.papaleo@federunacoma.it
Phone: +39 051.6333957


Marco Pezzini
E-mail: marco.pezzini@federunacoma.it
Phone: +39 335366522